UCI-Präsidentenwahlkampf: Pat McQuaid contra Brian Cookson

velonation: McQuaid insists he’ll fight on, says rescinding of Swiss Cycling nomination was a ‘snap decision’, 21.8.2013


velonation: Cookson responds to Swiss Cycling’s dropping of nomination, says McQuaid is ‘in a very difficult position’, 21.8.2013


FAZ: Die Tricks des Präsidenten , 21.8.2013


velonation: Cookson calls for the sharing of data with anti-doping bodies to be obligatory for teams and organisers, 22.7.2013


Velonation: Cookson responds to McQuaid’s veiled threat that cycling could be dropped from Olympics if he is not re-elected, 12.7.2013


VeloNews: McQuaid publishes reelection manifesto outlining reform agenda, 7.7.2013

McQuaid: A Bright Future For A Changed Sport


velonation: WADA: There’s nothing to prevent an independent anti-doping body policing cycling, 26.6.2013


velonation: Cookson responds to McQuaid criticism by questioning ‘bullying and haranguing style’, 26.6.2013


velonation: Pat McQuaid blasts Brian Cooksons “half-baked” election Manifesto, 25.6.2013


velonation: Brian Cookson launches presidential Manifesto for “Restoring Trust, Leading Change”, 24.6.2013


Brian Cookson Manifesto, 24.6.2013


velonation: Brian Cookson Interview: UCI Presidential candidate speaks at length on range of topics, 24.6.2013


cn: Cookson says he won't rely on courts to silence dissent, 22.6.2013


velonation: Cookson states that if he becomes president, UCI won’t take legal action against those speaking out, 21.6.2013


taz: Bauernopfer der Funktionärskaste, 18.6.2013


velonation: Swiss Cycling reaffirms support for McQuaid while acknowledging legal challenge, 18.6.2013


cn: Cookson reacts to dossier on McQuaid, 18.6.2013


velonation: Feature: ‘We want a demonstrably clean sport’ – reactions to Pat McQuaid EGM nomination defeat, 16.6.2013


VeloNews: UCI looks to ‘restore’ credibility of cycling, considers amnesty, 13.6.2013


cn: Mike Plant publicly ends his support of Pat McQuaid. 17.6.2013


cn: Irish cycling clubs vote against backing McQuaid for UCI Presidency, 15.6.2013


velonation: McQuaid defeated in Cycling Ireland EGM about nomination for UCI presidency, 15.6.2013


VeloNews: Irish clubs vote to deny Pat McQuaid a nomination in UCI presidential election, 15.6.2013


velonation: Buergi, Galli and Calcagni combine in legal action against Swiss Cycling over McQuaid nomination, 13.6.2013


cn: Swiss Cycling Federation backing of McQuaid called into question, 12.6.2013


velonation: Walkiewicz hits back at McQuaid, rejects claims he was found guilty by UCI Ethics Commission, 9.6.2013


velonation: Legal challenge to Swiss Cycling’s nomination of McQuaid for UCI presidential role, 7.6.2013


VeloNews: Skins, Swiss federation member Buergi challenge Swiss McQuaid endorsement, 7.6.2013


VeloNews: After a challenger emerges, McQuaid attacks, 4.6.2013


VeloNews: Cookson: ‘We must restore cycling’s credibility’, 4.6.2013


VeloNews: Report: British Cycling boss to challenge McQuaid for UCI president, 3.6.2013


velonation: Second four year term on ASOIF council for McQuaid, 28.5.2013


VeloNews: McQuaid secures Swiss backing; avoids showdown in Ireland, 16.5.2013




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